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Demonstrator Shotguns, Cluny Country Guns

What’s On Offer

We offer the chance to try before you buy on a select range of the most popular new shotguns, listed below. Please contact us if you are interested in buying one of the mentioned guns and would like to arrange a trial with one of our demonstrator shotguns. There is a nominal fee for the trial of each gun, which is written off upon the purchase of the gun.

Demonstrator Guns Available:


  • Browning 525 Sporter One 30″ m.c
  • Browning 525 Sporter One L/H 30″ m.c
  • Browning 725 Pro Sport 30″ m.c
  • Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 28″ m.c
  • Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 30″ m.c
  • Beretta 690 1 Field 30″ m.c
  • Blaser F16 Sporter 30″ m.c
  • Winchester SXP 28″ (Pump Action) m.c


Use of a demonstration gun is charged at £35.00, however, as mentioned, this is reimbursed if you purchase said gun.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Contact Us-

T: 01592 882600



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